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From a young age, Liza Abbott always enjoyed baking and helping her mother host parties.  Throughout her life she would occasionally bake for family or friends, but as nothing more than a hobby.  It wasn’t until she was asked by a friend to help with some desserts for a party that it truly turned into a passion.  She began experimenting on her own with different types of desserts and techniques and quickly found a new appreciation for the art of baking.  The more she practiced the more she realized that this is what she should be doing and with the encouragement of her family and friends, Dear Liza’s was created in September 2013 out of her New York City apartment.


Attention to detail and taste are of utmost importance to Dear Liza's when creating products for our customers.  Whether it’s a cake, cupcakes or cookies we dedicate the time and attention to every single piece we make. 


Dear Liza’s specializes in custom parties, hand-painted sugar cookies and pull-apart cupcake cakes.  Whether you are looking for custom logo cookies or a gift basket, Dear Liza's is happy to accommodate your requests.  Our main focus is making the customer happy so any ideas you have in mind, we can help bring them to life!


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